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Industry Grade Crypto Security

Our app is fully secured by two leading financial platforms

Trusted and used by 300+ platforms to transfer $1.5 BILLION+ of digital money every month… Prime Trust is the FIRST US-based Qualified Custodian to partner with Fireblocks (a leading platform that stores, transfers, and issues digital assets like Bitcoin)

This unique partnership ensures that no matter how big your crypto transaction is, or how many transactions you do on our app we are able to handle it

All your data is fully protected by Prime Trust’s industry-grade technology

The same technology that protects $1.5 BILLION+ in transactions every month!

Its bleeding-edge financial technology is trusted by major banks, credit unions, multiple 7, 8, and 9 figure companies, and even by popular financial apps like Venmo, Robinhood & Stripe. 

When you do a transaction on our app, Plaid encrypts all its information with its sophisticated algorithm

This eliminates theft and keeps all your transactions secure at all times!

Black Cash Matters

More than 150 years after Juneteenth, Black Americans still hold only 1% of U.S. wealth. Black Americans are systematically refused access to the financial system and the victims of institutionalized predators.

This ends now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How we can
help you?

The Black Wall Street app is a digital wallet and exchange that allows you to learn about financial topics within the cryptocurrency and the like.
When you download the app and go through the KYC process and connect a bank account through Plaid, you will automatically receive a secure digital wallet where you can buy Bitcoin.
You can learn about cryptocurrency through The Black Wall Street app! We have loads of video content that is available and will be available within the app. We will teach you about financial literacy! Check-in daily for updates!
Satoshis are a smaller denomination of Bitcoin. There are 100,000,000 satoshis in 1 Bitcoin. The Black Wall Street strives to ensure that every user acquires and holds at least 0.01 Bitcoin which is 1,000,000 satoshis!


What our clients
say about us?

“I’ve been investing in crypto for 2 years now but this app is probably the ONLY place where they are focusing on helping my investment be shown in Satoshi’s! I’ve used Coinbase, Bitgo, Jaxx, and many more crypto wallets but this is the only one moving in this direction. And as someone who invests a LOT in crypto, being able to track Satoshi coins is a much easier way to invest in Bitcoin for me.”

Brianna Garner (Crypto Investor)

I’m very new to investing in crypto so I love its beginner-friendly design and easy to use features to buy and sell Bitcoin. I also really appreciate that this isn’t just a good crypto app, it’s also a platform that’ll help our Black community learn more about investing, money and personal finance

Shamone Blake

I’m a HUGE fan of Hill Harper (from the Good Doctor series) so when I got the news that he was launching a new app to help the Black community invest in crypto I knew I HAD to check it out! And I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed, not just because it’s a nice app but also because it allows us to help each other and uplift our financial status at the same time!

Kala Rogers

“It has made investing in Bitcoin quick & easy to track, plus I’m helping my community close the wealth gap at the same time.  Also, the customer service team is also very responsive. Even got a call from Hill himself!” 

Sarena Green
August 03, 2021

Its design is simple and it’s easy to use. I can invest in Bitcoin and check how it’s performing every evening.

June 15, 2021

The interface is simple & quick so I can easily invest in Bitcoin even though I’m not a tech geek

May 29, 2021

When I found The Black Wall Street back in May I resonated with its message and gave it a shot…and to be frank, I love it!

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The First Black-Owned Digital Wallet for the Community

The Black Wall Street is the World’s First Black-Owned Digital Wallet. It has been built and designed by the Community, with the Community and for the Community. Join the Community and take control of your financial future!